A Tiger at the Bronx Zoo has Tested Positive for COVID-19

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

A Malayan tiger, named Nadia, has tested positive for COVID-19 at the Bronx Zoo just north of New York City. The Wildlife Conservation Society announced the news on Sunday after a number of big cats started showing symptoms of the virus.

Nadia, "her sister Azul, two Amur tigers, and three African lions had developed a dry cough," the statement said, they continued to say all the animals are expected to make a full recovery.

We tested the cat out of an abundance of caution and will ensure any knowledge we gain about COVID-19 will contribute to the world’s continuing understanding of this novel coronavirus.

The press release said that the tiger that got the virus from one of the zookeepers "who was asymptomatically infected with the virus or before that person developed symptoms."