This Bay Area City Named Healthiest In The Country

San Francisco gets a lot of criticism for unhealthy conditions on the streets caused by homelessness, needles discarded by drug users, and even an increasing number of incidents requiring cleaning crews to remove human feces from sidewalks. However, San Francisco gets high marks for lifestyle choices made by the people who live there.

The personal finance website WalletHub compiled a list of nearly 175 of the most populous cities, measuring healthcare, food, fitness, and green space. San Francisco got the highest scores of any city when it came to green spaces and food, plus a ranking of 4th for fitness, and 29th for health. WalletHub grants San Francisco an overall score of 73.99, and that's good enough for the title of America's healthiest city.

San Diego is third healthiest, Los Angeles comes in at number 12, while another Bay Area city, Fremont, is number 18 overall. San Jose is number 20 and Sacramento is number 26.


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