CA Latino Caucus Video Takes Immigration Jab At Former Governor

The California Latino Legislative Caucus chose an a unique approach to note of the 25th anniversary of a voter-approved measure to end access for illegal immigrants to some state services, including public education and healthcare.

Proposition 187 was supposed to be Republican Governor Pete Wilson's ticket to re-election in 1994, and it worked. But it just one day after the passage of Prop 187 that a legal challenge was mounted by those who saw it as discriminatory against people of Hispanic origin. A few days after the lawsuit was filed, a federal court rules 187 unconstitutional. While the state appealed that ruling, Governor Gray Davis put an end to the appeals process in 1999.

Fast forward 25 years and California is now considered the progressive leader on immigration policy, and many members of the Latino Legislative Caucus claim Prop 187 inspired them to become political activists and eventually politicians.

In a video posted on the Caucus Facebook page members take a jab at the former governor by thanking him for advocating for Prop 187 and sharing their individual stories.

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