Amazon's "Maisel Day" Stops Traffic As Gas Goes Back To 1959 Prices

Over a dozen retailers and business in the Los Angeles area on Thursday partnered with Amazon to throw the first-ever "Maisel Day", a celebration of the popular Amazon show "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel". For one day only, prices for certain goods and services to were rolled back six decades to 1959, the year in which the show is set.

One of the participating retailers was a Chevron gas station that caused a traffic jam for thirty-cents a gallon gas prices. By 10 a.m. that morning, police urged residents to avoid the area due to increased traffic. The promotion for the Emmy campaign for "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" turned out to be a bigger hit than expected, causing street closures and businesses to shut their doors early due to heavy traffic.

In addition to the low gas price for the day, some of the other goods being offered were ninety-nine-cent sandwiches, three-dollar hair cuts, twenty-five sent cupcakes, two-dollar manicures, and even seventy-five cent shoe shines. The full list of participating shops and prices are available still on the "Maisel Day" website.



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