Trump Still Wants Citizenship Count, But Question Won't Be On Census

A controversial citizenship question is not going to be part of the 2020 census. President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr said on Thursday that there is not enough time to go through the legal process to include the question. However, Trump is taking action on his own to get an accurate count of citizens and non-citizens in the country.

On Thursday at the White House the president announced an executive order requiring all the departments of his administration use their resources to determine how many citizens, and non-citizens live in the U.S. That will include the Social Security Administration.

Trump said federal officials claim doing this will determine citizenship for 90% of the people in the U.S.  He claimed this information can be used by the Census Bureau to create the official census. He also pointed out that a determination of true citizen numbers will help shape public policy decisions, including how elections are administered.

Governor Gavin Newsom was quick to the respond to the president's action.

"President Trump’s decision today to finally abide by a Supreme Court ruling and end his unlawful quest to block a full and fair count is long overdue. Even after losing, the President once again resorted to attacks on immigrants, scaring them from participating in our society. Yet again, his threats undermine trust in government and faith in our democracy," said the governor.

"California won’t back down. Our state will continue to move forward with an unprecedented $187 million outreach campaign to make sure all Californians are counted. No other state in America has come close to the investment California is making. Our message to Californians is clear: if you do not participate in next year’s Census, the Trump Administration wins."

Governor Newsom is also suggesting California is ready to go to court yet again to fight the president on the immigration issue.

"Our state will continue watching for any unlawful actions from the Trump administration in the days and months ahead, and we will use every tool at our disposal to defend our residents and our democracy."



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