U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Set To Start Natomas Levee Work

Starting on May 17th the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers be working on improvements to the Lower Natomas Basin levees. The work will also mark the beginning of a larger project known as the American Rivers Common Features-Natomas Basin project meant to reinforce the levee system that provides flood protection in the Natomas area. The project was authorized by Congress in 2014.

This work is part of the American Rivers Common Features – Natomas Basin project that was authorized by Congress in 2014.

A ditch approximately 75 to 125 feet deep will be dug down to bedrock along Garden Highway and filled in with a slurry seal retaining wall to protect the levee from flood waters.

These upgrades to levees in the Natomas Basin will also create traffic issues for several weeks.

Expect Garden Highway to be completely closed in both directions underneath the Interstate-5 overpass for about a week beginning in the latter part of June. Traffic will be affected in both directions including from the on- and off-ramps to I-5.

Click here for more on the project from the Army Corps of Engineers.


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