Front Street Animal Shelter Asking for Donations

The Front Street Animal Shelter is raising money to help give animals the veterinary care they need...and you can help.

The shelter started a GoFundMe campaign just five days ago with the goal of raising $30,000. 

Not only have they met that goal, but they've exceeded it. 

Gina Knepp manages the shelter and said she and the staff are thrilled.

"I think people believe that we're doing good work, we're very transparent about what we're doing," Knepp said. "People love animals and they want to help." 

Knepp said the money raised from this campaign will go to fund the outside veterinary care that the shelter just can't provide.

"It would be a travesty to have to euthanize an animal with a fracture if we know it can be repaired, just because we can't do it," Knepp said. 

If you want to donate to the shelter's GoFundMe campaign, click here.


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