Lawmakers aim to Create System to Improve Progress of California Students

Student Getting Failing Grade

A legislative effort to track and improve the progress of California students is underway at the State Capitol.

Senator Steve Glazer's SB 2 would establish a system to collect information like demographics, ethnicity, grades and test scores.

There’s mountains of information that’s collected on students already, but it’s all in different places,” said Glazer’s Chief of Staff Daniel Weintraub.  “When policy makers, researchers and legislators are trying to determine which programs are helping students the most, they really don’t have those connections.  This connects the dots.”

Senator Ben Allen's companion bill, SB 3, would then create an office of Higher Education Coordination, Accountability and Performance to maintain the data collection and organize higher education policy.

“This information… could guide reforms and improvements that would greatly improve students’ performance and their ultimate employment,” said Allen. 


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