Sacramento Mayor Proposes Expanding Efforts to Help the Homeless

Mayor Steinberg Proposes Expanding Efforts to Help the Homeless

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg is introducing a plan to expand services for the Capital City's homeless.

A lease extension will allow the city's Triage Center on Railroad Drive to stay open for at least another six months.

“We have brought over six hundred people into the Railroad Avenue Triage Shelter,” said Mayor Steinberg.  “156 are currently enrolled.  Another 168 have gone on to some sort of permanent housing.  We have proven the concept.”

Mayor Steinberg is also asking each of Sacramento's eight city council-members to find a site in their district that could be used to shelter 100 homeless people.

“We need to dramatically scale up the number of beds we’re providing to meet the need,” Steinberg explained.  “We’ll keep the approach flexible, to best serve the needs of each district.”

Councilman Jeff Harris supports the idea of spreading shelter capacity throughout the city - but knows the bottom line.

“People are fearful of having an aggregation of homeless people near them,” Harris said.  “They’re worried about the impacts.  They’re worried about what it might mean to their day to days lives.  I get that.  But, we will not overcome this problem unless everybody steps up.”

 Mayor Steinberg hopes to have three new shelters up and running by the end of 2019.


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