Changing Classroom Lighting Could Improve Behavior

Changing the lighting in classrooms could also change students' behaviors.

SMUD partnered with the Folsom Cordova Unified School District to study the effects of tunable L-E-D lighting systems in the classroom. Over the course of 16 months, positive results were found among teachers and students. 

Students found slightly better feelings of well-being and general higher alertness levels.

SMUD Project Manager Dave Bisbee said this tunable light system significantly helped children with autism by getting their attention and providing cues for changing activities.

"When it was time to calm down, the teachers would turn it on warm and kind of a lower light level," Bisbee said. "When it was time to take a test or do some sort of activity that required a lot of alertness, they would increase the light levels and turn it bluer." 

SMUD said the cost of these systems is still relatively high, but they recommend all school districts install dimmable lights that have controls that are easy for teachers to use.


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