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Jason Whitlock EXPOSES What Diddy, Hip-Hop, and — BLACKROCK?! — Have Done t

Rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs is in a mess of trouble after federal authorities raided his properties as part of an investigation into sex and drug trafficking allegations. But BlazeTV’s Jason Whitlock was well ahead of the story. Jason joins Glenn to break it all down: Is Diddy the new Jeffrey Epstein? Why is all of this coming out now? Will there be a cover-up? Jason also explains why he believes this goes way deeper than just Diddy: “It's about the push for nihilism…and Hip-Hop is at the forefront of that.” Jason reveals the dark side of the Hip-Hop industry and the shady groups who he believes are calling the shots. But while the Hip-Hop industry has fallen, Jason discusses his upcoming effort to build society back up: the second annual Fearless Army Roll Call men’s summit, featuring country music star John Rich, an appearance from Glenn Beck, and really good food!

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GLENN: Jason Whitlock. Hello, Jason, how are you?

JASON: Glenn, awesome introduction. I appreciate that, thank you.

GLENN: You bet. And I want to talk to you about some of the things that you're going through right now. And things that you're discovering. And things you're doing this summer. I want to be joining you on one of your events, that I think is just so worthwhile.

But first, can I take you to the news, that I have not been following. And I don't know if this is important or not. P. Diddy. I don't know what the hell is going on with him. But I'm hearing talk like he is the new Jeffrey Epstein. Can you tell me this story?

JASON: Yeah. Let me tell you why it's important for you and your audience. And we unpacked this last week on my show, trying to get a broader perspective on what's going on with Diddy. And it's about the music industry. And it's about the push for nihilism. And how they have manipulated our entire American culture, to be more nihilistic. And they've done it with music, and hip-hop is at the forefront of that.

So Diddy is someone of marginal talent, who has been installed and who has been allowed to use the music industry to sexually compromise young people, celebrities, other entertainers, politicians, or whatever. But it's like this whole -- part of the realization, understand, we have to come to is like, everything in culture. Tucker Carlson talked about this a couple weeks ago.

Just about architecture.

GLENN: Yeah. Everything.

JASON: And how it's not the same it used to be.

So in all the arts, they're trying to push us through a nihilistic worldview. And they did that with hip-hop.

And P. Diddy is one of the faces. And most powerful people in hip-hop.

Again, as I expounded on, it's not just Diddy. It's like BlackRock. And vanguard.

They actually own the music industry, and -- and control the musical industry.

GLENN: Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. The investment houses of BlackRock and Vanguard? They own the music industry?

JASON: Absolutely, from Sony Music Group. They're the most invested in the music industry through Viacom. They own BET, MTV, VH1. They're in control of the music industry.

And they also own the majority. The overwhelming majority of stock, in the private prison industry.

I think the stock name is called CXW now. It's called core Cisco. It used to be called corrections. Corporations of America.

And then they transitioned the name. And so this whole hip-hop deal was about creating a culture, where like prison is a rite of passage.

And corruption. And criminality is just built into the system, and it feeds the prison system. The private prison industry.

And it's exploded.

But more than anything. It's promoted a nihilistic view. And a view that life really has no meaning.

And it's disconnected us from our moral principles. And religious principles.

That's what Diddy is the face of. And that's why I'm glad he's getting his comeuppance. And I hope they don't do a cover-up, and not expose everyone involved. Because -- and it's not just hip-hop. Music has been headed this direction. And pushing this nihilistic direction for a long time. And this needs to be discussed and exposed.

This isn't limited to black kids or the urban inner city. The way they pushed hip-hop and made it the most popular music in the world, and they pushed it in sports and pushed it everywhere. It's affecting everyone.

GLENN: I have to tell you, they're doing it now, to the last bastion of decency in entertainment.

And that is in Nashville. Country music.

It is going woke, and ugly.

And, you know, I -- they are -- they have just invested everything. They're tearing it apart.

I mean, you listen to popular music now. I mean, imagine the last time, we went through this revolution kind of spirit with Marxism.

It's back in the '60s. And you had artists that were singing really uplifting stuff.

Some of it was garbage. But some of was just an empowering movement. You listen to movement now. And it is disgusting. It is all about -- I mean, I challenge you, to listen to -- especially hip-hop. And -- and some popular music of that genre. And I challenge you to find a song that isn't talking about somebody's butt or putting something in somebody's butt. It's incredibly degrading.

JASON: Glenn, for someone like myself, who is 56, and who grew up on R&B music. R&B music used to be a lot of romantic love songs. You can't find in R&B or hip-hop, love is not remotely on the table.


JASON: You go to the Billboard, top 100. Love -- it's not about love. Not remotely on the table. If you want to listen to music that promotes love between a man and a woman, you have to go listen to music made in the '60s, '70s, and '80s. It's just stand up. This is intentional. They just removed love from the culture.

GLENN: I know. I know.

So, Jason, what is Diddy accused of doing?

JASON: You know, drugging, raping young girls and young men. Sexually compromising and leveraging the entertainers that work for him. Employing a cleanup man named Fayed Muhammad (phonetic), who if you're familiar with the TV show, Ray Donovan, if you've ever watched that on Show Time.

This guy would go up and clean up the crimes that Diddy and/or any of his entertainers were involved in. And there's these two lawsuits. One that he settled, but the second one with this Rodney Jones that he hasn't settled. There's allegations of shootings and murders and things like that. That have been cleaned up by this guy.

Diddy --

GLENN: How does that happen? How does that happen?

JASON: Not my world, so I would only be speculating. But yeah. These are the types of allegations, that have been going on. And, again, Diddy sexually compromising, forcing his entertainers into having sex with him. With men. With women.

And then using his house and cameras, everywhere in his house. So when he would throw these parties, if there were celebrities or politicians or prominent entertainers there, he would have everything reported. And so those people would be compromised.


JASON: So, yeah. They're calling him the Jeffrey Epstein of the music industry. And I don't think it's a bad label.

But, again, this is -- Diddy comes from a compromised background.

His father was a drug dealer, who in the '70s, who got busted. And I think snitched on some other drug dealers. And then got murdered when Diddy was just three years old.

And so what the rap music world really -- where they fish for talent. Are in all these broken. Compromised. Dysfunctional homes.

So Diddy likely sexually abused, when he was a child. And obviously, father murdered. Didn't grow up in an ideal environment. He will do anything for money. And that's why he gets installed and promoted and put in a position of power, because he's easily controlled, because he comes from a background where the values just weren't instilled. And again, this whole nihilistic view of the world, and all the -- the breakdown of the nuclear family that they've pushed, they're destroying the family structure, so that our kids are more vulnerable, and will be more easily seduced into wickedness and a lack of morality.

GLENN: So last question, and I have to take a quick break, and then come back. Because I want to talk to you about your event.

So why now?

Why has he gotten away with this for so long, and now it's just coming out?

JASON: That's a great question, Glenn. And I would -- my only explanation at this point, is that I think we're in that time, where -- my biggest --

GLENN: These things are troubling.

JASON: Yeah. My biggest explanation is, that I don't think we fully recognize all the dominoes that Trump knocked over.

GLENN: Yeah.

JASON: Just by saying, fake news and making us like willing to question everything.


JASON: And what Trump has done is legitimatize the so-called conspiracy theorists. So now the public, I think is more ready for the truth.

And people are -- you know, filing lawsuits. And because there's independent media. There's those of us who have had the scales taken off of our eyes.

Willing to talk about it and expose it.

But, again, I don't want to make too much of Trump. But he's really consequential in giving all of us the courage to say, man, we have to look at things in an honest fashion.

GLENN: Yeah. Okay. Back in just a second. First, let me tell you about our sponsor. It's

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Ten-second station ID.


So Jason is doing his second year of roll call. He's doing a roll call. A call to all men, to step into the roll of men. And, you know, learn. How to be a man. And what that means in today's world. It doesn't mean an alpha male. It means somebody who understands the righteous dominion that a man has, and the important role, that they play, along with women, and their righteous dominion. And so this is happening where, again, in -- in Nashville, Jason?

JASON: Here in Nashville.

Friday, May 31st and Saturday, June 1st.

Glenn, my vision on this, is -- is, I'm trying to create an event, where men come together, across our little petty differences.

Skin color. Some of us may be of different faith denominations. But we're all believers of God. And we all have to understand.

And this is why I'm so pleased, that you're coming to speak.

Is because this year, we're focusing on trying to tell men, hey, there are sacrifices that we will want to make, if we want to restore this country. If we want to have a world that's better for our kids, than what -- than what we found.

And so I don't think anybody, that I know in the media space, understands the sacrifices, that were made, to make this country great. Better than you.

And if we're not reminded like, people made incredible sacrifices for us to enjoy this freedom, and that means we to have make some sacrifices, to protect it. To restore it.

And so that's what I want to you talk about. Give us a bit of a historical perspective of on -- because I think we've -- rost the willingness to sacrifice.

I think too many of us have been enjoying what we were given. Rather than protecting what we're given.

And so whether it becomes the -- some financial sacrifices. A smaller home. Or just the willingness to stand on truth and speak out.

And deal with the consequences.

And quit worrying about someone calling you racist or an Uncle Tom or a homophobe or this or that. Stand on truth.

Be willing to make that sacrifice. To improve this culture.

GLENN: Well, that is the first time I've heard. Because I agreed to do this.

But I hadn't talked to you, about what I want you to speak about. I will give you a rip roaring talk on sacrifice.

And what it has taken to get here. And what our responsibility is now. I -- I can't wait for that.

And I'm speaking on Saturday, June 1st, I believe, right.

And --

JASON: Let me throw in one other thing too, Glenn, I forgot to mention. I partnered this year in moving forward with John Rich. The country music star.

GLENN: Oh, I love him.

JASON: Many people know John. Big and rich. He's made some incredible music. Gospel music. Christian music. So the idea is music and food are things that we can all come together on without worrying about --

GLENN: Yes, we can.

JASON: You know, our differences.

They're two things that really bring us together.

They've ruined sports. And now that divides us as well.

But everybody loves good music. Everybody loves good food.

And we're inviting everybody that loves God, to come join us, let's get together. Let's prove everybody wrong.

And let's prove the other side wrong, that as men, we can come together. Put our differences aside. Celebrate God.

Listen to some good music. Hear some inspiring speeches.

And eat and enjoy Nashville. I think it will be powerful.

GLENN: You've got it. Okay. So you can get your tickets now.

There is a special price. Early bird price on them right now.

That ends this weekend.

Midnight this Sunday, you can get your tickets. Bring your -- bring your son.

Bring your friends.

It is a -- a weekend for men to get together.

And step in to their roles.

As men.

So get your tickets now. Early bird special. They will go up. Starting Monday.

But right now, you can get them at a special rice. Go and find that now. And I don't have the address. Where do you buy those tickets, Jason?


GLENN: Got it. Thank you.

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