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Biden’s Easter/Trans Day of Visibility Fiasco EXPLAINED

President Biden recently declared March 31, 2024 — Easter Sunday — as “Transgender Day of Visibility” and many Christians were furious. But did he really try to erase Easter? Should Christians be offended? Couldn’t Biden have just skipped this made-up holiday? Glenn explains what happened and describes why he believes Jesus wasn’t surprised by any of this. Plus, Glenn and Stu try their best to name all 28 LGBTQ “holidays” on the calendar.

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GLENN: So Joe Biden released a proclamation on Friday. And I want to make sure that everybody understands that the transgender day of visibility has been, you know, a thing since like 2009.

This year, it fell on Easter.

But I think that's why more people paid attention to it. You know, I don't really care. Any given Sunday. Whatever. On transgender day of visibility, we honor the extraordinary courage and contribution of transgender Americans and reaffirm our nation's commitment to forming a more perfect union, where all people created equal and treated equally throughout their lives.

I'm proud to say, my administration has stood for justice from the start, working to ensure the LGBTQI -- where is the A?

Plus, community. Can live openly. Safely, with dignity and respect. I am proud to have appointed transgender leaders to my administration.

Hmm. Serving openly in our military.

You know, I -- I've got a problem with that. I just -- I do. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

You could -- that's cool.

You know, you want to -- but I'm sorry, general.

Wear pants!

Wear pants. I'm proud to have signed historic executive orders, to strengthen the civil rights and protection in housing, employment, health care, education, justice system, and more.

I am proud to have signed the respect for marriage act into law, ensuring that every American can marry the person they love.

Because love wins. So his administration is working to stop the bullying and harassment of transgendered children.

STU: Who now?


STU: Transgender children.

No. No. No.

Glenn, that is a right-wing conspiracy theory.

They're -- they're not trying to do that to our kids.

That's not something that even exists.

That's just a made up fever dream of the right.

GLENN: No, that's in the proclamation.

STU: Oh.

GLENN: The Department of Justice takes action to push back against extreme and un-American state laws, targeting transgender youth and their families.

And the Department of Justice is partnering with law enforcement and community groups, to combat hate and violence. You know what he is talking about? Is families that say, no. You can't just take my child and give them a sex change. That's his idea of justice. Today, we accepted a message to all transgendered Americans: You are loved. You are heard. You are understood.

You belong. You're America. My entire administration and I have your back. Okay.

Now, the problem is, that it was on Easter.

And it's not like this whole transgender thing, falling on Easter this year. Was a surprise to Jesus.

You know what I mean?

He wasn't surprised, by it.

I think we were maybe surprised by it.

We were like, what?

Jesus was like. Yeah. Dummy.

Didn't see this coming.

I mean, seen this coming.

Read about it in my book. But so he wasn't surprised. And honestly, the people who are destroying universal truths of gender. They're not an enemy of ours. They're not. They are an enemy of God's laws. And it's for him to work out. Because he's not surprised by any of this. He's not. I was -- it was weird. Because it must have been brought up to me over the weekend.

Just in my family, like four different times. Dad, did you hear what Joe Biden did? Yes, I did. Let's celebrate Easter.

I mean, I feel sorry for people who are trapped in their bodies, you know, they feel trapped in their bodies.

That's a horrible, horrible way to go through life.

But even Caitlyn Jenner condemned the pronouncement. She said, the International Transgender Day of Visibility, created March 2009, continued to be celebrated. Blah, blah, blah.

I am absolutely disgusted that Joe Biden has declared the most holy of holy days, a self-proclaimed devout Catholic, as Transgender Day of Visibility. The only thing you should be declaring on this day, is he is risen. That's Caitlyn Jenner.

STU: Yeah. And so -- we have concluded some of this context later in the show. I guess they apparently started transgender visibility day back in the late 2000s.

GLENN: Yeah. And Easter changes.

STU: It's on this day, March 31st, this year.

So occasionally, which I think has happened once before, since this thing started. It falls on the same day as Easter.

So it wasn't Biden saying, declaring, this day, I want -- he --

GLENN: No. I know. But didn't he do this on Thanksgiving?

Wasn't there a Transgender Day of Visibility?

STU: There's 150 of them.

GLENN: There are 28 International Asexuality Day. International Day of Pink. Day of Silence.

Harvey Milk Day. Pansexual and Panromantic Awareness Day. International Drag Day.

STU: Wait. Panromantic Day. Sexual -- so you're -- wait. Who is a -- you're panromantic.

You're romantic with any gender? But not sexual? Like you're just --

GLENN: No. You're just.

STU: Just like candlelight dinners.

GLENN: Can I buy you a drink tonight?

STU: Nothing sexual.

Nothing sexual at all. We will have a nice romantic dinner.

I like that. Okay.

GLENN: There's also entire months devoted to LGBTQ causes. Including Pride Month in June. LGBTQ history month in October. Transgender awareness month in November. You get a transgender awareness month and a visibility day? I mean, George Washington can't even have his own birthday.

STU: They're combining them for our Founders. And going the opposite way.

GLENN: Right. This is crazy. You know what, let me tell you something. If you're LGBTQIA, plus, and Jewish.

You never have to work a day in your life. Every day is a holiday.

You combine Jewish holidays with all the LGBTQ holidays. I never see you at work.


STU: That's true. There would be no days to work. There would be none left. There would be nothing left.

GLENN: I think you have three days, maybe in February.

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: But that's it.

STU: That's incredible. And the funny thing is, they at one point asked the, quote, unquote, Founder of Trans Visibility Day, why they -- I'll put they, because I just don't know which way it went.

GLENN: What do you mean by they?

STU: Why they put it in this time period.

GLENN: It was because they needed to avoid all the other trans days. But it wasn't a target of Easter in theory. At least that's what their claim was.

It was just like, there's too many days. If we make it a month later. It's too close to Trans Awareness Month, or whatever else is on the schedule.

Just dissecting the calendar.

GLENN: I mean, you could put the rainbow on the White House, but could you have made them a little more pastel-ish. So we could also have those -- an Easter rainbow.

STU: Yeah, my favorite part was they -- people who were pushing back against this.

Because, you know, I will say, some on the right, initially, who the hell would know the history of Trans Visibility Day?

So initially, they were like --

GLENN: Oh, my gosh, what a hater.

STU: Well, people on the right were assuming, with I think good suspicion here, rational suspicion, that Joe Biden just created this day. And put it on Easter.

Which I wouldn't put it past him at all to do that.

So when people are going by that, some people were pushing back and saying, actually, this isn't Joe Biden doing this. And, of course, Joe Biden loves Easter.

As you know, he's a devout Catholic. And, look, by the way, at the White House -- the Easter bunny is right on the site. They put the Easter bunny right at the site.

GLENN: Not the Easter bunny!

STU: Yeah. And if they didn't like Easter, they would put the Easter bunny -- that's not the Easter we're talking about. That's not the one we're concerned about. It's not the Easter bunny kind of Easter, we're complaining about here. We know they --

GLENN: He probably only cares about the Easter bunny Easter. Because all of the good union jobs at Hershey.

STU: Yes. Yes.

The fine folks at Cadbury. I need them to vote for me.

We all remember, they do the egg roll. Right?

We all remember Joe Biden does the Easter egg hunt thing at the White House.

Remember, the Easter bunny had to pull him away from reporters, who were asking him questions last time.

GLENN: No. No, no. That was two times ago. Last time, it was the Transgender and Gay people, lifting up their tops --

STU: That's right. Going topless.

GLENN: So we've got a great Easter tradition, happening at the White House.

STU: How could you possibly think he wouldn't honor Easter after all of that? Why would you be suspicious?

GLENN: You know, cardinal Wilton Gregory came out. He was on Face the Nation.

And they were like, so he says he's a Catholic. Then the cardinal is like, yeah, no.

No. Cafeteria Catholic, which isn't really a Catholic.

Cafeteria Catholic is like, oh. I'm going to have some of that.

And maybe a little bit of -- not that. Not that. None of that.

And he picks and chooses.

I mean, I don't understand how these people can say they're Catholic?

When, you know, they're for abortion. Do you know that it was the Catholics that have led the way on the pro-life thing, from the beginning?

The other religions didn't seem to care all that much.

For years, it was just the Catholics.

You know, the -- I mean, the homosexual thing, I guess it was cool with priests, for a while. But not for anybody else.

How -- how -- how is that man a Catholic?

STU: I think many Catholics would argue, he's not.

And have made that argument, publicly.

GLENN: But see, that doesn't work. Because I ask every day, the same question.

How is this man president?

STU: And many would argue, he's not. But still, he keeps staying in there. I guess, maybe we don't know how this works.

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