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How our ‘SICK SOCIETY’ is causing tragedies like Nashville

Mental illness is real. Sometimes people are chemically predisposed to it, Glenn says. But sometimes, it’s our ‘freaking sick society’ that pushes others to the brink of destruction. In the Nashville tragedy at The Covenant School, Glenn says, it doesn’t matter what the killer’s pronouns or gender were. Because at the end of the day, he says, it takes somebody with severe mental illness to do what she did. And THAT’S the crux of America’s biggest issue today. So, where do we go from here? In this clip, Glenn explains how speaking out and telling the TRUTH is one of the best things any individual — and our society — can do moving forward…

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GLENN: There is a sickness. It is not the guns. It is mental illness, that is causing these things. And you don't have to be trans to be mentally ill.

You don't have to be a bad guy, to be mentally ill. Mental illness is real. Going in and looking at eight and 9-year-olds and plotting to kill them, is a mental illness.

It is a mental illness.

There is something so rotten at the core. What do you suppose that could be?

Now, it could be many things. Just chemical mental illness. Sometimes people are predisposed to mental illness.


We could find that out by talking to mom.

All right. Might be that. It could be that she had some sort of -- some sort of problem growing up, and she wasn't comfortable in her body. And all of the answers, because all of the medical people in her life and all the school people in her life were probably telling her, yeah. You're probably a guy.

And so she identified as a guy. And she didn't get any happier. It could be, that she identified as a guy and she was happier, except, people were telling her that there is a liquidation. A literal genocide, that is going on. And she felt she had to do something about it.

By the way, I mean, I hate to point this out. I'm sure the -- you know, media is -- is all on top of this.

But there was a take action take, that was scheduled this week. Revenge day, specifically for the trans community, one democratic supporter and cofounder of this movement, was actually paying for people to get gun -- gun training.

Now, if you're doing vengeance and training for guns, I don't know. There might be something to that.

Our friends at the daily wire. Our prayers are with you. Daily wire was mentioned by trans revenge day.

Or vengeance day.

Okay. Great. Great. It could be that. You know what it wasn't?

The gun.

That -- that definitely, not that.

It was something inside of this girl.

It was either a chemical imbalance, that she was born with, that confused her on the truth. Or it's this freaking sick society, that is doing it.

My bet, is the society.

But I could easily be convinced that it was the society that pushes sick individuals, even deeper and in the wrong direction. But maybe that's just me. I mean, I have always -- always given the -- the left, the benefit of the doubt in any of these shooters.

When -- when a guy tried to kill half of Congress, by killing all of the Republican congressmen on a baseball field and he was a Bernie Sanders supporter. And he stated he wanted to kill all the Republicans. I still said, this is a person with mental illness.

They've never given us the benefit of the doubt, on the other side.

I always do.

You have four trans people that have just done multiple shootings. Okay?

You have four.

Four multiple shooters.

Now, I'm sorry. But that's such a small slice of the population, that you shouldn't have four of -- of them on anything. Except maybe I don't know. Story hour at libraries.

You -- you don't have a statistic about -- about mass shooters, and have four of one category.

Something is wrong. Something is wrong. And you know what the press will say? It is a response to things like this. They will say, it's my bigotry and my hatred of trans. I don't care.

I really don't care. Call yourself whatever you want.

Are you happy? Are you a better person, because of it?

Are you moving forward? Are you being more peaceful?

Good. Then I'm fine. You know, if you're trying to shove anything down my throat, right or left, from religion to transgenderism, shut the hell up.

Shut up. I don't have to listen to you. I'm not going to accept something because somebody else tells me to!

That's not the way the world works.

That is fascism. But they're going to say, that things like this, I'm only saying this, because of my hatred. I don't have any hatred. You know what I hate?

I hate lies.

I hate the constant lying from everyone in the press, everyone in politics, it seems.

Everyone at this White House.

All of its supporters.

I am sick and tired of the medical industry telling me about raccoon dogs, and lying in such a -- such an insidious way.

Put a report out, but don't put any of the -- don't put any of the facts out. Don't -- make sure you don't have any of the real science-y stuff there.

Because you'll get caught. Put it out. And then pull it off real quick.

Make sure that somebody like the Atlantic. Atlantic. Are you at any point -- is anyone in the media, ever going to be -- are you ever going to be offended, that they think you're so dumb, and they used you as a front?

Or at some point, I have to assume, you were part of it. Because they've lied to you so many times, a normal human being would go, okay. I'm not listening to you anymore.

And, in fact, I'm going to expose you. Because you told me this. I put my reputation on the line.

And you were lying. And you knew that they were lying.

I'm not listening to you anymore.

But they keep listening. They keep listening. Don't listen to these so-called experts. What is happening to our children, right now, is dangerous. It is confusing our children. Our children are innocent.

They are ripping the innocence away from our children!

And you know what really frustrates me so much. I think about this almost all the time. Almost all the time. I'll be off doing something else. And I'll see something, or news will come in. Or whatever.

And almost always, the first time is, what the hell happened to people?

What happened to people?

Where are they?

Well, what -- why don't they see this? Why won't they see this?

Why do they refuse to open their eyes?

Is it because you're afraid? If you open up your eyes, it will mean that you have to open up your mouth. And you're afraid of losing your job in

It will be the greatest thing you've ever done, mark my words. To lose your job, because you stand for the truth.

It will be the greatest thing. Have no fear.

Have no fear.

Or is it because if you admit to yourself now, that it was wrong, you've yelled at so many people, and condemned so many people, that you don't think that you can be forgiven by those people?

Or maybe you don't want to admit you're wrong. I don't know what it is. But those are all lies. Whatever that is, that's lies.

The truth will set you free. But do we even recognize the truth anymore?

Do you know 1998 -- 1998 when they took a poll and said, what's an important attribute to an American? To be an American?

Seventy percent said, patriotism. The love of country.

There's nothing wrong with the love of country. In 2019, they had whittled that away to 61 percent. But that's 1998 to 2019, 70 to 61 percent. Loss of nine points.

From 2019, to today, we've gone from 61 to 38 percent. 38 percent.

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: Same time period. Religion.

Important as an attribute to America. Religion.

Sixty-two percent in '98. Forty-eight percent in '90. And 39 percent today.

Having children, 59 percent in 1998. Now 43. I'm sorry. 2019. Forty-three.

Now it's 30 percent. Only 30 percent of people think that having children is important. Let me tell you something, I didn't want to have children. Gee, how many times have you heard me say that?

I didn't want children. When I first got married. I didn't want any children. I had two children.

Then I got divorced, and then I got married again. And she wanted to have children. And I said, I don't want to have children. I already have two children. I don't want more children.

I have two children. Do you know, it takes -- it takes years to be able to get wisdom like this. There is nothing more important in my life than my children. It is the only thing that gives me true joy is my children and my family. It's what we were sent here to do, to have children and cherish them and raise them.

And now 30 percent -- 30 percent -- what the hell is happening -- what is not happening to your country. What is happening to you as a human being? What is more important, than the family? Is it your job?

Do you think -- I mean, maybe Americans just don't ask this question anymore. Why was I sent here?

What is my purpose? Was my purpose of life, to get a good job and to buy a car and have a house in a certain neighborhood?

Is that the meaning of my life? What a colossal waste of time.

How meaningless is that. Was -- is the meaning of my life, to just sit here and endure all things. Just to endure them and just say, I'm not saying anything about it. I don't care what they do to me.

I don't care. I just don't want to be -- I don't want to be -- you know, pointed out, as an oddball.

Jeez. And, by the way, important American attribute, 1998, 31 percent said money.

In '19, 41 percent said money. Today, 43 percent say money.

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