The Saga of Kidz Bop Karen

"When you defeat all Karens , this is the final Boss you must face".

--YouTube user Yosef G.

"I can feel her murderous energy passing through my cellphone screen..."

--Random YouTube user...

A unidentified NYC woman, dubbed "Kidz Bop Karen", is today's viral sensation.

She earned her new nickname after confronting a Lyft driver at a red light stop.

In the backseat of the Lyft was 29-year old Chelsea Klein, who says she noticed "Karen" giving her driver the middle finger. Klein offered her a "thumbs up" in response...the rest if viral history.

Klein to NBC News, "I honestly started filming because I was scared she was going to jump in the car," Klein said. "The look in her eyes was scary and road rage is kind of scary. I was scared for sure."

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