WATCH: Chinese Troops Amass Outside Hong Kong

Satellite photographs taken close to mainland China's border with Hong Kong appear to show amassed military vehicles being held inside a football stadium.

It wasn't long ago that massive troop movements could have happened without the public knowing. But thanks to social media, that type of activity is now chronicled and distributed world-wide in real time.

Yesterday, riot police entered the airport and fought with demonstrators. Today, protesters spread pamphlets and posters across the floor in part of the terminal which has been set aside as the designated free speech area--they weren't blocking travelers.  

China's foreign ministry is telling U.S. lawmakers to keep their comments to themselves about violent crackdowns on protests in Hong Kong. 

Some lawmakers, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have condemned acts of violence by police. China blames the U.S. for playing a role in the unrest, which Washington denies. 


Armstrong and Getty

Armstrong and Getty

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