California: You Now Own An Incomplete "Rump Railroad"

The State’s High Speed Rail Line Project took another huge hit, and one California legislator says--the state got what it deserves. 

The Trump Administration has cancelled a 929-million dollar contract for the California Bullet Train Project. Governor Gavin Newsom calls the move illegal--not so says one state lawmaker.

Appearing on Armstrong & Getty, Assemblyman Jim Patterson said,

“Look California you did it to yourself. The Administration and the Federal Rail Authority have every right to claw back billions of dollars."

During the discussion, Patterson (who's long railed against the "crony express") took it one step further,

"Something is going on in the high speed rail authority that smells like conflict and corruption".

Listen to the complete Armstrong & Getty Extra Large Interview below...

The California Rump Railroad (Crony Express).

The California Rump Railroad (Crony Express).