Positive Sean Blog: Sports-Ball Kings Edition

The memories of my life before I was a Sacramento Kings fan are few and scattered. Many fond memories of getting to stay out late on a school night to go see them play live and at the time I would have sworn there wasn't a better meal on the planet than a King-Dog. So it is with much joy that I have recently started writing for the Sacramento Kings Blog Sactown Royalty. So with all do respect to this fun sandbox where I get to stream of conscience my thoughts on various things here, I recently had my first officially "published" article (whatever that means on the internet). I am also branching out my creativity in other ways that I'm eager to share with you all here in the near future as well, but until then - please do be checking out my 1st article about this wonderful Kings season and the impact expectations have on entertainment. Hope you enjoy. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE.

Armstrong and Getty

Armstrong and Getty

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