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I'm innocent I tell ya, innocent!

Michaelangelo Blog Entry #2

During the first hour of the show today, Marshall mentioned driving to work with a nearly empty fuel tank and having a fear of being stranded on the side of the road. Being stranded on the side of the road is NOT fun.  It is such a helpless feeling... although at least now we have cell phones to call for roadside service ,a friend or a family member to help.

I remember many years ago (Gladys plays the harp) when I had a tire blow out on the highway. Scared the heck out of me and I was glad I did not get into an accident. But I remember being stuck on the side of the highway and walking to a call box (didn't have a cell phone at this point). I begged the operator to call the station and let them know I was gonna be late. After several arguments back and forth, I was finally connected to the station and told an employee where I was and for them to tell Joe and Jack.

Joe and Jack were on the air when one of our listeners called and offered to send out a limo to pick me up and bring me to the station. I was listening to the show in my car while I was waiting for a tow truck (had no spare tire...I was young and poor at this point) and heard about this idea. I thought it was so cool!

But the idea came to a quick end when a CHP officer showed up and told me I needed to get my car off the side of the road or it would be towed away. So I ended up missing the show that morning because I was dealing with getting my car towed to the tire shop and purchasing a tire and getting it installed. One of the few shows I missed over the years. And it was disappointing not to show up to run the A&G show in a limo. That would have been cool!

Michaelangelo Hello!

Michaelangelo Blog Entry #1

Hey A&G Fans! 

Just wanted to share with you a little behind the scenes of the Armstrong and Getty show. 

Some of you have asked over the years about how the Armstrong and Getty show is actually produced and presented to you. Or to your weird uncle or to the man who stares at you on his lawn while you drive by.

Well, I'm going to share some behind the scenes info on what I have to do in order to make the show ready for Joe and Jack so they can perform their humor and judgments of others.  

For me, it all starts at 4am (Gladys plays the harp) when I hit my iPhone alarm--and usually say a profanity or two before I literally roll my body off the bed and slowly walk to the restroom while my middle aged knees make cracking noises.  

From there I brush my teeth, put on a generic but still name brand quality deodorant, get dressed and comb up the hair (I have beautiful hairrrr). Next, put on the ol' blue jeans, T-Shirt, and tennis shoes. Love that about my job--no tie required!  But underwear still is.

I arrive at radio station and go to our control room studio, where I test the audio and commercial break cues (these are the triggers that signal our local radio affiliates to go to their local break so you can hear your favorite PSA or toe fungus ad). Meanwhile, Joe is in the office looking through the news articles and audio clips to entertain you.         

As we get closer to the show, I load up our opening clip and make sure we have all the necessary theme music (Intros, Outros, etc) and set up all the live ad scripts for Joe and Jack. 

Marshall is busy typing up news stories and gathering sound clips that fit with his stories (he always looks for the latest coffee studies and lottery results). He's a gambler and we love him because he shares his occasional winnings and buys us breakfast. 

Meanwhile, Positive Sean will meet with executive producer Hanson to help prepare the shows and load up his main computer with news related sound clips.  He also takes time to change the litter box of his cat, Negative Nathan. Sometimes he forgets and the office really smells less than pleasant.  Joe and Jack will gather lots of stuff themselves and also scan the cable news channels. 

When you are doing a four hour show, it is best to have five or six hours of material. The show is a team effort and we all have fun being part of the show. We are all blessed to have such fun jobs.

Working with his eyes closed--amazing!
Armstrong and Getty

Armstrong and Getty

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