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Greetings all. It is I, Positive Sean, The Armstrong & Getty Shows foremost consumer of culture. I am here to share with you my official Favorite TV Shows currently being streamed on Netflix that I deem worthy of a binge-recommendation. 

First, some guidelines; All time pantheon shows (Breaking Bad, The Office, Arrested Development (only the first 2 seasons, etc...) are not included in these recommendations as they are already established as binge-worthy. 

Second; these are my FAVORITE shows which is very different from BEST shows. I find people far too often conflate what they like with what is "good", I do not do that. 

Third: This list is specifically for TV series. I will be back with other lists to cover Movies, Stand Up Comedy and Documentaries. 

So onto the list, in no particular order:


I adore this show. It is a fascinating look at the way the brains of some of the funniest people on the planet process the world around them. It is a delightful jaunt through creativity and served in extremely digestible doses (Episodes are rarely, if ever, longer than 20 minutes). There are multiple seasons each one just as good as the others.


Jason Batemans magnum opus (Arrested Development) didn't officially make the list, but the Bate-Man couldn't be kept off it entirely. His turn as financial planner Marty Byrde (way too many Y's in that name FWIW) is quite the turn from his usual casting of lovable goof and he doesn't miss a beat. Ozark hits the ground running and doesn't care if you have time to catch your breath or not, this is an adventure worth taking.


If Ozark is the raging inferno of break neck pace, Mindhunter is the slow IV drip ... drip ... drip ... of masterfully crafted storytelling. Based on the true story (and a book by a similar name) of the FBI's creation of the serial crimes unit Mindhunter zooms in specifically on the beginning of criminal psychology & criminal profiling. Compelling from start to finish. 


This one is a fairly straight forward; if you like Westerns, even a little bit, I find it impossible you won't like Godless. Spanning 6 one-hour episodes, each one feeling like it's own portal to an era long since passed, Godless triumphantly reminded me that the Western is a genre that has not gotten a lot of quality entries in it since Unforgiven. The only thing I don't like about this stand alone series is there won't be any more of it.


Boston Comic Con

LOL, you thought there wouldn't be a comic book show on this list? HA! Daredevil Season 1 (season 2 ... not so much) is freaking fantastic. The high quality acting in it feels out of place in the typically campy super-hero TV genre. Charlie Cox as the lead Matt Murdock/Daredevil (defense attorney by day, blind superhero who knows no fear by night, for those not familiar) is wonderful and is only out done by Vincent D'Onofrio's unforgettable performance as the generically named villain The Kingpin AKA Wilson Fisk. I really could compliment this show for hours, but if this "one shot" hallway fight scene doesn't convince you to give it a try nothing I say would make a difference.

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