A&G's Charles Krauthammer Interview

Charles Krauthammer lost his battle with cancer.  

The highly respected and influential conservative pundit passed away on June 21, less than a year after a cancerous tumor had been removed from his stomach (and mere weeks since doctors delivered the news that the cancer had reappeared).  

Mr. Krauthammer's intelligent and insightful views on American politics made him an Armstrong & Getty favorite.   

During the show, Joe referred to him as "courageous, classy, intelligence, persuasive and funny guy".  

For Jack, it was Krauthammer's experience of overcoming the result of a pool accident (which left him paralyzed).  "I can't get past the life story part.  He had one of the worst things happen to him, broke his neck as a young man--and he just moved past it."

Joe's final thought on the passing of Krauthammer, "I'm pissed that he's gone".  

Below you can listen to the 2013 A&G Charles Krauthammer interview.  

Charles Krauthammer Interview #1
Charles Krauthammer #2

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