Gene Editing for Hobbyists. Should we be concerned?

Lately, there have been plenty of discussions on The Armstrong & Getty Show about hobbies, and the need for folks to engage in activities in which something is created--and enjoyed--without a thought about commerce.  Just simple pleasures, and gaining the satisfaction of creating something from scratch. 

But in today's world, the idea of what constitutes a hobby has been completely turned on its head.  

Biohackers, self-taught garage-lab aficionados of DNA research, are working in the realm of gene editing outside of the formal world of academia.  Their purpose is largely to benefit society, with the hope of finding answers to many of our most vexing problems.  

But could this movement turn into something sinister?    

To help answer that question, Emily Baumgaertner of The New York Times joined Jack Armstrong to talk about the accessibility of DNA fragments and what could become D-I-Y gene editing as it becomes more popular.  

Armstrong and Getty

Armstrong and Getty

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