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I'm going on a blind date this weekend. I asked the woman in question to meet me at a local casino for an afternoon of gaming. 

A public place with many exits. 

Since neither of us have seen the other I will wear a fedora with a press card in the hatband and my Raven Social and Athletic Club hawaiian shirt....

Now--since I invited her to the casino, a friend of mine asked if I was going to cover her gambling debts?

Hmmm....good question.  So I pondered.

I decided I would bankroll her the cost of a dinner and drinks...say 50 bucks with the agreement that if she won big--we would split the winnings 50/50.

And of course I will still buy dinner and drinks.  Sounds fair to me!!  

And remember, always to tip your waitress and dealer....


This one didn't like Marshall--too gamey

Well they're back--the rafter of wild turkeys that mysteriously appear at various times during the year in my neighborhood. A while back on The Armstrong & Getty Show I described the day my car was surrounded by the menacing birds slowly advancing on my vehicle intent on pecking my car. Well, the guys mocked me at the time but now that they are back I decided to do a little research and discovered the following:

Will turkeys attack ?

Yes. Turkeys can become aggressive. It's important to remember wild turkeys have a "pecking order" (no joke ). The birds will respond to you as they do to another turkey and will advance on you if they feel threatened. In fact, some turkeys have been known to repeatedly attack small children and the elderly and they have to be destroyed..

Other fun facts:

The bird really is named after the nation of Turkey. Some of the first Europeans to travel to the Americas saw the creature and it reminded them of a bird back home known as "Turkey bird" which is the African guinea fowl...who managed to get to Europe in the Middle Ages from Turkey. Basically our turkeys looked like their turkeys. 

Turkeys can fly in short bursts and they are really fast. I learned that when I wondered where do turkeys go at night. It turns out while they spend most of the day on the ground--they sleep in trees at night. Turkeys can't see very well in the dark so sleeping in trees keeps them safe from predators that hunt at night. They fly up to roost at dusk, and fly down when the sun comes up to carry out their daily turkey trot.

Coming soon...what to do with a turkey at Thanksgiving.

ROAD TRIP WITH A GOAL:  Scatter My Moms Ashes.

During the Armstrong & Getty July 4th vacation week  I had arranged to place my mothers remains at a church she was a part of years ago---in Claremont, California.  They are one of the few churches that still have a Memorial Garden that allows you to scatter ashes

I didn't want to fly with her remains for a number of reasons. Going through security....would be a problem.....and putting them in with the checked  baggage seemed chancy.   So--time to hit the road! 

The actual ceremony wasn't until Thursday July 5th.  So, I decided to do a whole So Cal tour--returning to my roots.

First, to Palm Springs where I got my first job in radio (and where a former girlfriend of mine lives).  

Next, to Fontana where I grew up (and where a bunch of the Inland Empire tribe still live).  Then, it was over to Rancho Cucamonga (where I had a number of adventures back in the day.  

In Palm Springs, I dropped by KGX in Cathedral City--one of the station's airing The Armstrong & Getty Show!  KGX happens to be on 920 AM which is the same frequency as the station where I started my career--KDES 920 AM Palm Springs.  Talk about the circle of life!  Had a great visit with the General Manager Garry Wing who was hip to the station's history and even had scrap books filled with KDES memorabilia.Wednesday.

I was in Rancho Cucamonga for Fourth of July fireworks at the Quakes Single-A baseball field and some quality time with seasoned friends.  

Thursday it was time to scatter Doris Pearl Phillips ashes.  

Love you mom.

Time to head back.


Step 1:  Get a board.  Check!  

Carry board

Step 2:  Carry your board around the house.  Check!  


I have begun my training regime aimed at being able to do 10 pushups in a row by the end of June. First step :  An exercise outfit.


Old Timey  Quarter

1. Buy them once a month when you feel lucky. 

2. Set a monthly budget for your ticket purchases.

3.Purchase tickets from a clean well lit location. 

4.Take them home and let them sit for a day or two.

5. Scratch only one per day using an older quarter....the ones with eagle on the tail side. 

6. Use your quarter to scratch as long as its a winner...if you lose....switch quarters.

7. Again this method could improve your chances of winning least a little bit. 


Fished eggs

Hello all, this is Marshall Phillips, and this is the latest in my series of "Marshall's Musings".

For this edition of my musings--tasty basics.  

Everything you knew about making scrambled eggs is probably wrong

Julia Child learned that fact while taking cooking classes in France.  Her professor, Chef Bugnard, watched as she "whipped some eggs and cream into a froth , got the frying pan very hot ...slipped in a pat of butter, which hissed and browned in the pan. 

"Non".  He said in horror, "That is absolutely wrong!!"

What you need to do is crack your eggs, add a dash of salt and pepper.  

Then butter the bottom and sides of a frying pan.  

Gently pour the eggs in...and keeping the heat low....wait about three they thicken into a custard. 

Then stir the eggs....pull them on and off the heat.....until they are getting as thick as you want.

Pull them off the heat....they will cook a bit more...then once they reach the consistency you want.  

Add your enrichment......heavy whipping cream or butter....and BAM !!! Scrambled eggs--de-luxe

Sprinkle a little parsley or chives on top....and you are ready to eat..

Ingredients for larger serving...8 eggs

Salt  & pepper

4 teaspoons water

1 1/2 tablesppons whipping cream or softened butter

Sprig of parsley. 

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