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Push up training.

Get a board.

Carry board

Then Carry your board around the house 

June  12  2018Countdown to the push up challenge.I have begun my training regime aimed at being able to do 10 pushups in a row by the end of June.First step :

 An excerise outfit.

Here's my tried and true method aimed at creating scratchers magic. 

1. Buy them once a month when you feel lucky. 

2. Set a monthly budget for your ticket purchases.

3.Purchase tickets from a clean well lit location. 

4.Take them home and let them sit for a day or two.

5. Scratch only one per day using an older quarter....the ones with eagle on the tail side. 

Old Timey  Quarter

6. Use your quarter to scratch as long as its a winner...if you lose....switch quarters.

7. Again this method could improve your chances of winning least a little bit. 

Fished eggs

Hello all, this is Marshall Phillips, and this is the latest in my series of "Marshall's Musings".

For this edition of my musings--tasty basics.  


Everything you knew about making scrambled eggs is probably wrong

Julia Child learned that fact while taking cooking classes in France.  Her professor, Chef Bugnard, watched as she "whipped some eggs and cream into a froth , got the frying pan very hot ...slipped in a pat of butter, which hissed and browned in the pan. 

"Non".  He said in horror, "That is absolutely wrong!!"

What you need to do is crack your eggs, add a dash of salt and pepper.  

Then butter the bottom and sides of a frying pan.  

Gently pour the eggs in...and keeping the heat low....wait about three they thicken into a custard. 

Then stir the eggs....pull them on and off the heat.....until they are getting as thick as you want.

Pull them off the heat....they will cook a bit more...then once they reach the consistency you want.  

Add your enrichment......heavy whipping cream or butter....and BAM !!! Scrambled eggs--de-luxe

Sprinkle a little parsley or chives on top....and you are ready to eat..

Ingredients for larger serving...8 eggs

Salt  & pepper

4 teaspoons water

1 1/2 tablesppons whipping cream or softened butter

Sprig of parsley. 


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