Homelessness On the Rise, Solutions Slow to Follow

In our day-to-day lives, there's seldom a moment when we casually bring up any of the various daily dramas that make-up a bulk of what we see on the national news.  

But there is an issue that is certain to bring-out plenty of opinions and observations around the water cooler--the issue of homelessness.  

Regardless of which western U-S city you live in, the issue is the same--there's a growing number of people suffering from a combination of mental health/addiction issues or poor economic conditions who are now populating our urban sidewalks, underpasses and public parks.  

San Diego and Sacramento struggle with growing populations along their river banks and within their city centers.  

Seattle's city leaders are attempting to tax businesses to fund a solution, leaving many frustrated. 

And San Francisco has become infamous for the street-bound drug abusers who've taken over the city's sidewalks, mass transit sites and other public areas.  

The homeless population has exploded, and as a society we're failing to pull-together a solution that goes beyond a particular community.  

Washington Post Senior National Correspondent Scott Wilson has been covering the issue, and his latest article helps provide background and perhaps some direction on the matter.  

Read Scott's complete Washington Post article here

And listen to his discussion with Armstrong & Getty below.  

Armstrong and Getty

Armstrong and Getty

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