A warning from FBI Director Chistopher Wray.

During the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Tuesday, Wray told lawmakers that Chinese spies are spreading throughout the United States as part of what he calls "a whole of society threat"

Wray said that Chinese "collectors" of intelligence are targeting academic institutions throughout the country.

The FBI Director went on to say that the collectors of information within our nation's schools and universities include professors, scientists, and students--all part of "China's long term strategy to eclipse the United States as a world power".  

Wray explained that they're exploiting our open research and development environment, as well as the naiveté of US academies who don't recognize the intelligence collectors among them.

And Wray also confirmed that the FBI is monitoring Confucius Institutes, a Chinese education program that involves partnerships with American colleges."

Dan Coats, the Director of National Intelligence agreed, stating "There is no question that what you have just articulated is what's happening with China.  Part of their long term strategic objective to become a world power and they are executing throughout the whole of government, ways in which they can accomplish that." 

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