Born from the scandals of Harvey Weinstein, Tiger Woods, Carlos Danger (and other sex-soaked celebs), a new effort to help beleaguered celebrities during their time in need.  

It's a rehab facility, "Jack & Joe's Guitars & Goats Rehab:  A Center for Personal Enlightenment".  

This new state-of-the-art facility features a number of Jack Armstrong's farm animals, and the special therapy that only they can provide.  That includes an incredibly unique one-on-one experience with Jack's cute black pug--who'll stare at you while you're in the shower.  We call that Mr. Puggleworth's promise.  

Also guaranteed--you'll be just as pervy when you get out as you were when you went in!!!  

Harvey--call us.  We have a bunk ready for you.  Mr. Puggleworth will keep the bed warm for you!