Washington’s “Hillbilly Espresso” coffee stand has been under scrutiny by local officials, who say that the female employees of the Everett outpost bare too much skin.  Hillbilly Espresso customers don’t mind, but someone complained and the Everett city council jumped into action.  Now, a new ordinance exists which requires workers at “quick service” venues (like coffee carts or food trucks) to wear less revealing clothing.  

Regarding the ordinance and how police are expected to enforce it, the co-owner of Hillbilly Espresso says, “Common sense has been thrown out the window”.  Schuyler Lifshultz and his attorney, Derek Newman, talked to Armstrong and Getty about the ordinance, their lawsuit against the City of Everett, and the confusion over the newly coined term, “anal cleft”.  

Armstrong & Getty Bikini Baristas

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