BLOG: How Vincent Has A Cool Phone & Pays $30/ Month For Service

New phone who dis.

My previous phone (a Motorola Moto g5) was malfunctioning. I'd dropped it far too often. The screen was going dark, then it'd restart - it was quite the pain in the arse.

So I got a cool new phone yesterday for $130 and I pay $30 a month for cell service. Here's how.



Buy an unlocked phone. I went with the Motorola Moto e4. 

Other options include models from OnePlus, Google Pixel, Huawei, or you can just buy any unlocked phone (such as iPhone or Samsung) from ebay or Amazon.

I've been a big fan of Motorola since Google bought them (and subsequently quickly jettisoned them off to Lenovo). But they still offer solid Android phones for CHEAP, and that's what I care most about.

Is the Moto e4 the new $800 Samsung? No. Is it the new $1,000 iPhone? Heck no.

It's a mid-tier Android phone that costs $130. And I'm okay with that.

(If you want in on the Motorola Family, you can also go with the pricier Moto g5 or the flagship Moto z2 for unlocked phones.)


Cell phone service: 

I'm on the T-Mobile prepaid $30 a month plan. I get unlimited texts, 5 GBs of data (I use just over 2), but only 100 voice minutes. But I don't care. I hate talking on the phone!

Unfortunately, they cut this plan off about 6 months ago. Damn!

It looks like they still offer it at various times via Walmart. So keep checking? I dunno. Sorry.

They have a plan for $45 a month which is essentially mine but with unlimited talk. I'd go with that one if i didn't have my current plan.

But if and when you do come across the deal, all you need is a prepaid SIM card from T-Mo. They're cheap, around $10, but always running specials where they're like $1 or sometimes free.


So boom here it is in 4 easy steps:

1. Get you an unlocked phone

2. Get you a prepaid SIM card from T-Mo

3. Get yourself set up on the $30 a month prepaid plan with T-Mo's or Walmart's website (or whatever plan you choose)

4. Slide that SIM into the back of your phone (just remove the back cover and you'll see a SIM card slot).

And you're good to do. 


I can't tell you how incredibly freeing it is to buy a new phone for cheap on your own, slip a SIM card into it, and you're rolling. 

Get off the Samsung/ Iphone and Verizon/ AT&T/ Sprint/ T-Mobile (regular not prepaid) treadmill where you're paying $800 for a new phone and $100 a month for service. What are you a lemming?! SHEEP! SHEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!



The Moto e4:

T-Mobile prepaid site:


Oh and just a side note: I didn't set up any passwords or fingerprint ID stuff on my new phone cuz I'M OVER SECURITY. I DON'T CARE ANYMORE.  All that stuff is soooo annoying.

And I'm not gonna buy a case cuz cases make your phone look ugly and the phone is so cheap if anything disastrous happens, I'll just buy a new one.


Now here are a buttload of photographs of my new cellular telephone..





Now here are some short videos of the phone starting up n stuff..




I hope I helped you save some money. 

Have a wonderful day! =)



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