PICS: Here Is What Vincent Ate While On His Double Date With Marshall

Marshall Phillips and I went on a double date Saturday afternoon.

Marshall chose a place called Land Ocean in Folsom, California cuz that's where his lovely date resides.

We all met at the bar where I opened a tab for us all cuz im a kindhearted kinda bro.

That's where I got drunk and yes I'm proud of that.

I drank Coors Light so I can remain a size 2 while my lady friend, Allison, ordered Old Fashioneds and Marshy ordered some chardonnay from Napa. His date drank water while at the bar.

My bar tab was just over $60.


When it came time to sit down at a table like the civilized and eat, my date and I ordered the crab cakes for appetizer, and for entree I ordered something called the Fitness Special (cuz I lift) which ended up being some sort of halibut on top of rice concoction.

The crab cakes were outstanding.

The halibut not so much. Was dry and listless

Meh. Whatever.

Marshall was treating so I didn't care but my dish was something like $25.

Our entire bill was around $170 for the 4 of us.

Would I go back to Land Ocean? Sure.

Would I go back if I was paying? Yeah no.



As I said I was quite intoxicated, so my date and I went to Palladio to see the movie The Big Sick.

Turns out almost all the seats were sold except ones way up front in the first row.

Yeah no.

So we spent a few hours walking around Palladio browsing, shopping, chatting, and me drinking hot black coffee so I could sober up.

I felt like ice cream cuz it was hot AF and I was drunk so we stopped by Jake's Desserts

I got their horchata flavor. It was divine. So cinnamon-y.

Only other thing of note is the Barnes & Noble there serves booze and food.

'Twas a smashing good time.



Before our big, sexy date, we went to Granite Bay Beach at Folsom Lake and dog paddled around for about an hour or 2.

And Sunday we went to breakfast at Peg's Glorified Ham And Eggs in Roseville where a waitress there named Deanna recognized me, is a super fan, and was nice as all get out.

I got a veggie omelette and it was very good.

The weekend was da bomb.



The End

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