BLOG: Vincent Bought $200 Of Junk Food Then Gave It To Goodwill. Here's Why.

You see the pretty, pretty me and think I'm perfect.

Far from it.

While I've kept the majority of the weight I lost off, I do still struggle with what I call "rubberbanding."

Rubberbanding is me getting to my goal weight of b/w 180-185, and then pigging out like a madman for the week after.

I usually put back on 25-30 lbs or so.

But it's how I've operated for 4 years or so and it's worked for me.


How my weight works:

Since coming down from 375, I've never gone higher than 215.

At 195 I'm passable.

185 I'm decent. 

180 I'm hot.

Anything sub-180, which is rare, and I'm on FIRE!


The listener/ staff meetup was an event I targeted to be 185. 

I took 3 weeks to be laser focused and ate very little (maybe 1,200 calories a day) and worked out like a machine.

Using this method I can lose about 10 lbs a week.

For the meetup, I lost 25 lbs in 3 weeks.


My plan was to eat and drink with you guys, take the next week off from the gym, and eat whatever I wanted for that week. Muchos chorizo breakfast burritos until the cows came home. I like Beto's on Auburn Blvd.

In anticipation of this week off where I oinked it up, I bought snacks. And I mean SNACKS. Maybe $150-$200 worth. From all your usual suspects: Safeway, Walmart, Walgreen's, Raley's, Dollar Tree, Trader Joe's, etc.

And these snacks just sat in garbage bags on my kitchen floor in anticipation of the day after the meetup.

My plan was to pig the hell out and watch old Howard Stern videos on youtube while lying on the floor shirtless.

I lead a charmed life.

And like I said this is what I've been doing for 4 years.


But something changed this time. 

I still wanted to eat yummy stuff, but I wanted a quality meal from a restaurant. I didn't just want to mindlessly snack on junk food until I became a bloated, disgusting mess.

So I didn't touch any of that crap. And there it sat on my kitchen floor for 2 weeks.


Then I thought I need to get rid of it. Out of sight, out of mind. Get it off my shoulders and out of my conscience.

I was going to throw it all away or give it to Goodwill.

I called Goodwill to make sure they accept food. They do! As long as it is non-perishable.

So I dropped off some $200 in snacks to the Goodwill on Saturday.

Yes I wasted $200, but that's okay. We all waste money on plenty of frivolous stuff.

And the snacks are going to hopefully people who appreciate them. Or at least some nice, poor, fat folk.

At least I didn't throw them out in the garbage which I was close to doing. That would have been a complete waste of my $ and time. 


Is this the end of me rubberbanding? Heck no.

But is this a brief respite from my usual destructive behavior? Yes.

And there are other things going on in my life, namely that I'm now single, so there's more need/ pressure to look good. I think that definitely contributed to my change of heart.

Like I said I'll never be perfect, but I can keep striving for something close to it.


Oh and I gave a bunch of nice clothes to Goodwill too. I'm talking Abercrombie, Hollister, Banana Republic, all that posh stuff. But it's things I just don't wear anymore or never wore in the first place, so away they went.

-Vincent <3


And now here are a couple of photographs I took of my experience.


Armstrong and Getty

Armstrong and Getty

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