PICS: Vincent Got His Back Waxed Again

In preparation for the Listener/ Staff Meetup, I took this 3 day weekend to rid myself of all body hair. 

The front areas I can handle on my own, but the back is where I need assistance.

I hopped on the Yelp and found this lady Cristal Alcantar. She is located in Roseville.

She charged my $50 for about 20 minutes of work but to me, it was worth it.

Some back waxings start at $60 or $65, so I had no problem paying $50.

Here is her Yelp if you'd like more info:


Today on the show I was asked why do I do this?

I do it for ME. To feel pretty. And because body hair is horrible.

When I feel my shirt against the skin on my back, I feel slick and sleek. I'm ready to go!

Of course it's a placebo and it's all mental, but it matters to me. It makes me feel attractive. So suck it.

I blame the media for trumpeting hairless men as beautiful.



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