Thursday, May 25, 2017 - Show Notes and Links


6 AM - 1 - Star Wars came out 40 years ago; Opening Thoughts. 2 - ; MailBag. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - Katy Perry has a hot take on terrorism that involves loving on each other and co-existing.

7 AM - 1 - FISA court finds NSA violated search restrictions, spied on Americans. 2 - Worrying may be healthy for you. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - Playboy model guilty of body shaming Snapchat gym pic.

8 AM - 1 - Our Obamacare expert Craig Gottwals talks healthcare latest with us. 2 - The Brits are mad at our leaks. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - Highway patrolman talked about dealing with people wanting to commit suicide.

9 AM - 1 - More Katy Perry on terrorism. 2 - Neo-nazi converts to islam then kills 2 roommates for disrespect. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - More chatting; Final Thoughts.



LINK: Craig Gottwall's website

LINK: Muslims have meltdown after BBC airs ‘Real Housewives of ISIS’

VIDEO: Barkley to Shaq - "I'm Gonna Throw A Chicken Wing At Your Fat Ass"

AUDIO: Montana Republican Congressional Candidate Body Slams Reporter

VIDEO: Drunk Manchester Bros Sing A Message To ISIS Re: The Bombing

LINK: What I Learned Talking People Out Of Suicide



General Manager: Greg Gianforte

Band Name of the Day: The 30 Percent Clothed Boobs (Joe)

Bon Mot of the Day: Trump Is Into The Fresher Meat (Joe)

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