PICS: After 2 Years Of Suffering, Vincent Finally Got His A/C Fixed for $49

I moved into my condo 2 years ago. The air conditioning has always sucked. It would just blow warm air. The thermostat never went below 80 but it may as well have been what the temperature outside was for all I know I had no idea.

My place was built in the 70s or 80s so I always thought "Welp, the A/C is ancient and unless I want to plunk down $10k for a new system, I'm stuck with it." Yes I'm pathetic.

My recently mom told me, "Just call an A/C guy before it gets super hot in the summer again. Start with Home Depot, call a few other places, compare prices, and have 1 come over and check it out."

That blew my mind, man. So that's what I did.

First place I called was Home Depot who outsources to Beulter. They wanted $89 for a diagnostic. 

Second place I called was Gilmore Heating and Air cuz they sent me a flyer in the mail. They wanted $79.

Third place was a guy I found on Yelp: John Bryant with Bryant Heating and Air. He was local to Citrus Heights (literally right across the freeway from me) and he would charge $49. SCORE!

He came over about an hour after I first contacted him.

His first question: When's the last time I changed my A/C filter? 

My what?

He pulled it out (which took about 2 seconds) and the thing looked like it had black lung.


He said go pick 1 or 2 or 3 of them up at Walmart or Home Depot for about $10 each.

No problem.

Second thing he did was he and his partner checked the A/C unit behind my house. Turns out a stick from a tree had fallen in there and the fan blade wasn't spinning. Doh!

He swiftly removed the cover and promptly took out the stick.

So to tell me to buy a new filter and to remove a stick he charged me $49, AND I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER.

I just can't believe I waited 2 years, suffering in the dire, sweltering Sacramento heat, sweating my you-know-whats off, and for what? Cuz I wouldn't call someone?!?! I'm a moron.

And kudos to John and his partner Brandon. They were nice, courteous, helpful, friendly, informative, and FAST. 

And John took off his shoes when he came into my home.

Plus he sent me a follow-up text the next day asking how my system was working. BRAVO!

Now my A/C works swimmingly. Does it go to down to 50 degrees if I want it to? No. But it keeps me comfy in the low to mid 70s. And that's just fine for me. =) 


Here is my glowing review of John Bryant's biz on Yelp:


And now here are a bunch of Snapchats and a super short video of the entire experience.




Please know this isn't an ad. I'm not getting any money for this blog/ post whatsoever. 

I'm just a regular dude with zero hookups/ connections. I don't know anybody. I don't have "a guy."

Like I said, I simply called Home Depot, someone from a flier, and I hopped on Yelp. 

I had a wonderful retail experience and I wanted to give this gentleman's local business a shout out.


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