PICS: Vincent Got Back On Track With Eating This Weekend - Here's How

For about 1 week every 2-3 months I say "screw it" to the gym and also eat whatever I want.

That was last week.

It's not healthy and I spend a lot more time in the bathroom that I'd like, but I'm human, and I need to do it every once in a while

So I took this weekend to get back on track with eating and da gym. But I'm not extreme about it. I still want to go out to eat and be festive. So here's what and where I ate.

And with regards to da gym - I go super lite and easy. It's almost a relief. Walking a 14 minute mile is a darn near pleasure as opposed to when I'm going hardcore at the gym and going nuts working out like a madman.

Oh and I also ate Quest bars, Atkins bars, Medifast bars, oatmeal, nuts, popcorn, and drank tons of Diet Pepsi.

Eating every 2-3 hours is key. Even waking up to pee in the middle of the nite, if it's time to eat, it's snack-arooney time!

TLDR: Lots of protein and veggies, easy on the carbs and sugar.




I ate a breakfast at Charlie's Cafe. I got a veggie omelette with cottage cheese and salsa on the side and wheat toast. Their salsa is made in-house and so frickin' good but so frickin' hot. I sit there sweating like a savage. But it's GOOD.

Charlie's is a great diner. Their service is fast and friendly and it's the place I go to most often for brekkie. And it's like a mile from where I live. Yay!

I also got a super yummy Spicy Thai Chicken Salad (I substituted shrimp) at Sammy's. It's inside a casino but whatever. Lots of sports on the TeeVeez cuz that's what us str8, heterosexual males enjoy!

I also had a very similar breakfast at Crepes and Burgers. This is a new place in my hood and I definitely dug it. And again it's super close cuz it's literally across the street from Charlie's!

And then here's just a bunch of rando pics which include a salad at Extreme Hummus (always a winner) and a bowl at El Pollo Loco (I live for their salsa bar).

Armstrong and Getty

Armstrong and Getty

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