Monday, April 17, 2017 - Show Notes and Links


6 AM - 1 - Jack is sick so you get more of Sean and Vincent talking LUCKY YOU!; Opening Thoughts. 2 - ; MailBag. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - Joe went to Washington DC to look at colleges with his daughter.

7 AM - 1 - Washington Post technology reporter Brian Fung talks about Apple getting into self-driving cars. 2 - Is North Korea the 2nd Korean war?. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - Potholes, penises, and felt in a tree.

8 AM - 1 - Violence at an anti-Trump protest in Berkeley. 2 - Correspondent Bob Constantini reports on Gorsuch hearing SCOTUS cases this week. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - Gorsuch is now on the cafeteria committee.

9 AM - 1 - Turkey is now run by an Islamist dictator. 2 - More on Germany and Turkey. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - We keep chatting; Final Thoughts.





General Manager: Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan

Band Name of the Day: The International Glob of Ick (Joe)

Best Traffic Report by a Radio Deejay: Where The Traffic Chunks Up (Joe)

Bon Mot and Best Argument Dramatization in the Creation of the Pocket: Why Do You Want An Extra Piece Of Fabric There? (Joe)

Armstrong and Getty

Armstrong and Getty

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