PICS: Vincent Saved 2 Puppies, Got a Haircut, And Then Lifted

I saved these puppies from peril cuz I'm a good person! 

Actually I was on 80 before Madison and there was lots of slow traffic. Got closer and saw these dogs scurrying around in the right lane and on the shoulder. 

I pulled over to see if I could help cuz I love dogs even though I don't own one cuz I don't want their privates on my pillow where I lay my head. 

In the harried situation I came upon I left my door open and the doggos hopped right into my Kia. 

Their owner wasn't around but thankfully 1 of the nice ladies volunteered to take them. I woulda but I had a haircut appointment. 

And now I must set my car ablaze cuz there was doggy butthole all over my front seats. 

Other than that I'm fine. And the important thing is that I Snapchatted it. -Vincent

(Oh and if anyone heard a similar tale from a friend, family, co-worker, whatever, let me know. I'd love to thank her and find out what happened to the puppies.)


Armstrong and Getty

Armstrong and Getty

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