Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - Show Notes and Links


6 AM - 1 - Vincent paid his taxes; Opening Thoughts. 2 - ; MailBag. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - GOP healthcare stuff; How to open a banana.

7 AM - 1 - GenZennials. 2 - Joe calls out another incident of fake college racism. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - Cute 3 year old girl thinks a water heater is a robot; Jack looked at the drones at Tarjay.

8 AM - 1 - What Fox News does and does not cover. 2 - Ron Meyer from RedAlertPolitics on why millenials should care about Gorsuch. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - Mika B harangued a congressman about paid family leave.

9 AM - 1 - Sarah Westwood from the Washington Examiner talks Jeff Sessions withdrawing funds from sanctuary cities. 2 - Joe wants to be a monk. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - More stuff; Final Thoughts.



VIDEO: How To Peel A Banana Like A Monkey 

VIDEO: This Little Girl Thinks A Water Heater Is A Robot

VIDEO: TSA's Thorough Pat-Down Of A Young Boy At Dallas Airport Sparks Anger



General Manager: Sanctuary Cities

Band Name of the Day: The Banana Factoids (Jack)

Next Pitch on the TV show Shark Tank: Armstrong & Getty's Clean Urine (Joe)

Bon Mot of the Day: If You Don't Stay Tuned, There's The Door! (Joe)

Armstrong and Getty

Armstrong and Getty

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