Thursday, March 23, 2017 - Show Notes and Links


6 AM - 1 - Michael's first word was "K-Mart" but he also got lost at 1 too =( ;Vincent bought a woman's razor to shave his armpits; Opening Thoughts. 2 - ; MailBag. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - Joe like fancy grilled cheese sammies; Doctor rubbed himself on his patients.

7 AM - 1 - The self-violence honor culture and free play. 2 - Washington Examiner's Sarah Westwood on the Trumpcare vote. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - A Senator tried to resonate with the kids; Vincent calls out a trolling texter-arooney.

8 AM - 1 - Tim "the Lawyer" Sandefur from the Goldwater Institute talks Gorsuch stuff with us. 2 - Older guys intervenes in teenagers fighting and gives them a lecture. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - Things don't look good for Sears.

9 AM - 1 - The Trump wiretap thing. 2 - Jimmy Kimmel had some hot takes on Costco customer etiquette. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - More stuff; Final Thoughts.



LINK: New Maps - The True Size Of..

LINK: The Greatest Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ever In History

VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel did a great 4 minutes on Costco in his monologue



General Manager: Dysfunctional Democracy

Band Name of the Day: The Dripping Ascots (Joe)

Bon Mot of the Day: It Led To Some Crazy Dating Experiences In The Tri-Cornered Hat Era (Joe)

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