Money Talk with Matt & Colby

Money Talk with Matt & Colby

Listen to Money Talk With Matt & Colby, Saturday's at 2pm on Talk 650 KSTE.

Alpha Retirement Wealth was created on the belief most investors and advisors are doing the same thing with poor results. Matt Curtis & Colbey Philbin (founders of Alpha Retirement Wealth and hosts of Money Talk) met several years ago while at another investment firm in their hometown of Sacramento, there they had a simple realization. They realized, in their opinion, almost all portfolios were structured the same and achieved disappointing & poor results.  Very few people they met with knew what they were paying in fees and very few people had a true written retirement plan.  Alpha Retirement Wealth attributes these problems to the “group think” phenomenon and believes it has plagued the retirement planning/investing industry for almost 100 years. Alpha Retirement Wealth’s truly unique, simple and intuitive approach is easy to understand, transparent and tailored to each person circumstances.  Matt and Colbey are the hosts of Money Talk, an educational retirement planning and investing talk show where they educate and raise awareness on the important issue of retirement planning and investing every Saturday and Sunday.

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