WATCH: Large Piece Of Metal Impales Car Windshield As It Cruises On Highway

Inside of a wrecked car

Photo: Kirill Rudenko / Moment / Getty Images

A Utah driver is lucky to be alive after a large chunk of metal impaled her car's windshield. Hope McCurdy told KSL that she was driving down Interstate 15 when a nine-inch by two-inch piece of metal flew off a truck and came right for her car.

She barely had any time to react as the metal bar struck her windshield, sending shards of glass flying into her face.

"Flew at me like a ninja star. It popped through and hit me in the chest. I thought I had been impaled. I didn't know if I was OK for a moment," she said.

While she suffered cuts and gashes to her face and chest, McCurdy was able to pull over to the side of the highway and call 911. She told the news station she felt lucky to be alive and relatively unharmed.

"I was lucky. As it spun through the air, it hit my windshield flat. If it had come through like this, I probably wouldn't be here today," McCurdy said.

Authorities believe the object, which McCurdy calls her "survival souvenir," was likely a leaf spring from a suspension from a trailer that was likely overloaded.

McCurdy shared the harrowing video of the incident from her dashcam, which you can watch below.

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