Sandy Hook Families Offer To Reduce Alex Jones' $1.5 Billion Legal Debt

Alex Jones Speaks To The Media Outside The Sandy Hook Trial In Waterbury, Connecticut

Photo: Joe Buglewicz / Getty Images News / Getty Images

The families of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting are willing to negotiate a smaller settlement with Alex Jones, who was ordered to pay $1.5 billion for harassing them and claiming the shooting was a hoax.

In a court filing in Jones' personal bankruptcy case, the families said they would accept $8.5 million per year for ten years, plus 50% of any earnings he made over $9 million.

The legal filing also blasted Jones for continuing to spend his money and living an "extravagant lifestyle" while trying to file for bankruptcy.

"Jones has failed in every way to serve as the fiduciary mandated by the Bankruptcy Code in exchange for the breathing spell he has enjoyed for almost a year. His time is up," the filing says.

The filing alternatively suggested that Jones could liquidate his entire estate and give the proceeds to his creditors.

Lawyers for Jones' company, Free Speech Systems, suggested that the most Jones could pay is $4 million a year. They said that while the company expects to bring in $19.2 million in revenue next year, they have $14.3 million in expenses.

If Jones does not accept the families' latest offer, Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Lopez will decide how much he owes them.

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