This Week's Weird News 10/8/21

The Zodiac Killer possibly being identified, a drone light show that went wildly awry, and a man in Lithuania who ate over two pounds of metal were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this past week.

A pair of classic mysteries found their way back into the news this past week by way of some eyebrow-raising potential breakthroughs. First, a 'lost' recording of an interview with Albert Einstein's assistant was unearthed and, in the conversation, Dr. Shirley Wright revealed that the famed physicist was enlisted to examine the Roswell wreckage and that the two of them were brought to a mysterious hanger where they saw the downed craft as well as alien beings. Meanwhile, a team of cold case investigators made worldwide headlines when they declared that they had identified the Zodiac Killer and pointed the finger at a man named Gary Francis Poste.

One of the wilder videos we've seen in a while popped up online this past week via an event from China wherein a drone light show went wildly awry and led to the UAVs raining down upon a crowd of spectators. The dystopian moment occurred at an anniversary celebration for a prominent shopping center in the city of Zhengzhou. The culmination of the evening was to be a breathtaking drone performance featuring 200 craft coming together to spell out the name of the mall. Alas, moments after the UAVs took to the sky, dozens of the drones began to falter and then started dropping from the sky onto stunned observers who were forced to duck for cover lest they be struck by the 'dead' craft.

By far this past week's most bizarre story unfolded in Lithuania where stunned doctors removed more than two pounds of metal objects, like screws and nails, from the stomach of a man who told them he became compelled to eat the dangerous material after he had quit drinking. The unnamed patient explained that the strange affliction began about a month ago when he decided to embrace a sober lifestyle. However, in what is believed to be the result of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, he suddenly began scarfing down the various pieces of metal until he experienced abdominal pain and went to the hospital for help. Surgeons spent three hours removing the objects from man, who is now recovering and under observation in the hospital.

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