Texas Police Asks Drug Dealers To Snitch On Their Competition

Drug dealer selling bag of heroin

Photo: Getty Images

A Central Texas police department is going viral for the "free" service its offering area drug dealers.

"Are you losing money to your drug deal competition? We offer a free service to help you eliminate your problem. Report your competition," reads a Facebook flyer from the Seguin Police Department.

Seguin cops are asking drug dealers to snitch on other drug dealers.

While this might seem like a cheeky way to get attention, the police department assures people it's real.

"We have an anonymous tip section on our website, or you could go through the Guadalupe County Crime Stoppers," the cops responded on Facebook when someone asked if it was legitimate.

Other police departments across the country have done something similar with varying amounts of success. In 2015, a Kentucky sheriff's department said it received 10 credible tips within 24 hours, including someone who reported a dealer in West Virginia, WAVE previously reported.

Cops in Seguin haven't said if they received any calls yet, but the department's Facebook commenters were having fun with the idea.

"Snitches get stitches? More like tattle tails get all the sales," wrote Ryan.

"Do you guys need someone to test the drugs? Are y’all accepting applications?" asked Mitch.

"I don't know any drug dealer but I would like to report a theft everytime I go buy Whataburger my step-daughter steals my fries and soda," wrote Vince.

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