Convenience Stores That Come To Your Front Door Will Soon Be In California

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A new startup is bringing the convenience store straight to your front door.

Robomart takes delivery apps to a new level. Instead of choosing your items and having them sent to you, Robomart lets you "hail" the entire store.

When the van arrives, you pick out your items, and then it drives off.

“It will always be twice as fast as the fastest delivery service because we don’t have to go pickup orders,” Robomart CEO and co-founder Ali Ahmed told FOX5.

The service is called "store hailing" because it's similar to ordering an Uber. The app will request a van to drive to your location.

“The idea is that you should be able to tap a button and have a store, any store come to you and be able to get your products right at home,” said Ahmed.

Currently, there is a snack van and a pharmacy van but Ahmed's ultimate goal is to have a van stocked with essentials like eggs, milk, and produce.

The drivers of Robomarts are currently human but the company's future plans involve a fleet of self-driving vehicles ready to get to customers in minutes.

“Sometimes it takes 20, 30 minutes just to decide on what to buy and create that order. With Robomart you’re tapping one button just like a ride hailing service and shopping when it arrives,” said Ahmed.

You can find out more about Robomart here.

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