Can You Guess The Most Misspelled Word In California?

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Spelling is hard. Luckily, technology has helped people everywhere from revealing that they're actually terrible spellers. But Google knows.

AT&T analyzed Google Trends data in order to determine which words are misspelled the most in each state.

Experts "reviewed the top searched 'how to spell' words by state from March 24, 2020, to March 24, 2021, using Google Trends."

So what word gives Californians the hardest time?

According to the study, it's "separate."

This is a classic spelling mistake. Many people incorrectly spell it "seperate."

California wasn't the only state to have trouble with the word. People in Rhode Island also struggle to spell separate.

Overall, the most misspelled word in America was fitting for the times we've been living in.

"'Quarantine' was the most searched misspelled word, with 12 states struggling to find the correct spelling. No, “corn teen” is not a new nickname for a teenager really into the yellow vegetable. "Coronavirus" also broke into the top three with six states trying to find the correct letters for the contagious disease."

The word "favorite" came in second.

"We hope the people overseas don’t get mad at us, but “favorite” was searched multiple times by many people across 7 states. A common misspelling in the United States is actually the correct spelling in the UK. We see “U” over there."

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