Can You Guess California's Signature Food?

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Everyone loves classic comfort foods, and some of the delicacies are even better when they’re from your hometown.

That’s why Stacker mapped out the best signature foods from every state.

They’re all beloved treats, not meant to help you “shed any pounds or take inches off the waistline,” the data journalism hub notes.

But for some states, it was no easy task:

“The trouble is, most states have a cornucopia of foods to hold up as their iconic dishes, opening up endless opportunities for debate and disagreement.
“(For example), New York’s signature food might be the bagel, especially one smeared with cream cheese and topped with lox, but what about thin-crust pizza, spicy buffalo wings, and zesty Manhattan clam chowder?”

So, which treats stood out to Stacker in its “mouthwatering and not at all scientific” quest for each state’s signature foods?

California's signature food is sourdough bread

Here's what Stacker had to say about it:

"California has so much competition for its special food—avocados, almonds, Cobb salad, even California sushi rolls. But the honor goes to sourdough bread, made by bakers who popularized a distinctive starter during the Gold Rush. The place to get the best sourdough bread, it is claimed, is Boudin, San Francisco’s oldest bakery. The mascot of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers is none other than Sourdough Sam."

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