California AG Becerra Announces Crackdown On Aryan Brotherhood Gang

50 members of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang and the Fresnecks street gang are in custody. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced on Friday that a statewide operation ended with the arrests today.

"Working alongside local, state, and federal law enforcement partners, we've zeroed in and taken down alleged members of two criminal organizations with a history of violent crime in Fresno and throughout California," said Becerra. "The success of this operation highlights the way multi-agency collaboration can help keep our communities safe. Thank you to all of the individuals who made this operation a success."

The Aryan Brotherhood and Fresnecks are believed to have significant resources, which they use to buy, possess, and distribute guns and drugs. Authorities blame the gangs for home invasions, murders, kidnappings, large scale identity theft and fraud, as well as other violent crimes within Fresno County and throughout California.

The operation included 26 search warrants and 65 arrest warrants in five counties. Police seized four guns, methamphetamine, heroin and more than $40,000. Authorities say the members have committed murders, home invasions, kidnappings, identity theft and fraud and other violent crimes across California.