Defendants Convicted of Rape of Unconscious, Intoxicated Woman Charges

The Sacramento County District Attorney's Office reports that two men have been convicted of multiple counts of raping intoxicated women and one count of raping an unconscious woman. One of the ment was also convicted of another sex crime involving an intoxicated woman.

Jurors agreed that Ricky Gonzalez and Corey Robertson had taken three underage teens to Robertson's apartment in Antelope after meeting the girls at the Roseville Galleria. Two of the victims were 16 years old and the third victim was 17 years old at the time. Prosecutors said Gonzalez and Robertson encouraged the teens to drink enough alcohol to make all three extremely intoxicated and cause them to lose consciousness at times, the both men sexually assaulted the victims. The assaults were also recorded on a social media app without the consent or knowledge of the girls.

In addition to the sexual assault she endured, one of the teens had to be hospitalized later that day with a blood alcohol level of .23%.

When sentencing takes place, Gonzalez faces a maximum of 40 years in state prison, while Robertson is looking at a maximum sentence of 32 years in state prison.  The actual sentences will be handed down on October 29th in the Sacramento County Superior Court, Department 41.