The Trikini Is The New Beachwear For The Coronavirus Era

As temperatures continue to climb with summer approaching, more beaches are opening up, though with certain guidelines in place to protect sun worshippers from catching or spreading coronavirus. Some places are limiting how many people are allowed on the beach, others are requiring strict social distances, and a few are asking beachgoers to wear face masks. For those places, there is some new swimwear.

It's called the Trikini and features the usual bikini swimsuit with bottoms and a bra, but it also boasts a matching face mask. Italian designer Tiziana Scaramuzzo came up with the idea as a joke to keep her spirits up while she was following the country's stay-at-home order, but after she posted photos of her daughters in the three-piece suits on Facebook, word got out and the Trikini became a viral hit.

While Tiziana hasn't revealed how many orders she's received, she told Centropaguina that her store is getting flooded with calls from customers wanting a Trikini for themselves.

Scaramuzzo feels that the reason for the Trikini's popularity is their bright patterns, which she thinks keeps people from getting the blues during the ongoing crisis.

Photo: YouTube/LaStampa

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