Man Arrested In Mexico Highway Ambush Is No Longer A Suspect



Mexican authorities say that a man taken into custody earlier in the week is not connected to the gruesome ambush attack that left nine Americans, including six children, dead in the northern Mexican border state of Sonora.

Police arrested the suspect in Agua Prieta, which is located near the Arizona border. The suspect, who was not identified, had two hostages in his truck along with four assault rifles. Now, Alfonso Durazo, a Mexican security official, said authorities do not believe the suspect was involved in the attack.

Officials are trying to determine who was behind the brutal attack, in which some of the children burned to death inside their vehicles. Authorities believe the assault was a case of mistaken identity and that the attackers thought they were striking a rival cartel.

Instead, they ambushed a caravan of SUVs which were carrying American families. Eight children managed to survive the attack and described the harrowing details to investigators. One of the survivors, 13-year-old Devin Langfordhid his younger siblings in the bushes near the road before walking over 14 miles to the nearest village to get help.

Five of the children remain hospitalized with serious injuries.

The victims of the attack lived in Mexico and were part of a fundamentalist Mormon group which was founded nearly 100 hundred years ago when the Mormon Church started cracking down on members who still practiced polygamy.

Photo: Getty Images

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