Patriot Prayer Rally In Portland Turns Violent

A "law and order" rally hosted by conservative group Patriot Prayer turned violent in downtown Portland, Oregon after counter-protesters from ANTIFA showed up. The two groups clashed in front of the popular bar Kelly's Olympian. After exchanging heated words, participants started throwing punches, but the melee quickly escalated, with combatants using batons and bear mace during the minute-long brawl. Riot police responded using pepper balls to break up the fight.

The rally was organized by Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson in response to the hands-off approach of police officers following a rally for Patrick Kimmon, a black man killed by police in Portland in September. 

The violence broke out when the right-wing protesters marched past a memorial for Kimmon. They were met by protesters chanting "black lives matter." One of the right-wing protesters managed to save an American flag that was lit on fire, while the ANTIFA protesters cheered. 

Four people required medical attention after the fight, but no arrests were made and no weapons were confiscated by officers. 

Photo: YouTube

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